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Facilities List

All teams must respect the following rules for all fields. Note that some facilities have additional restrictions listed that must also be followed.

If fields are lost due to the actions of a particular player or team, they will be removed from the league.

There is also a map of all fields available.

Facility Actions


Halifax Independent School (Hardwood) [grass] View

Halifax Core

CFB Stadacona [hardwood] ViewLayout
Citadel High School [hardwood] ViewLayout
Commons [grass] ViewLayout
Dalhousie Sexton Gym [hardwood] ViewLayout
Dalhousie Studley Gym [Hardwood] [turf] View
Fort Needham [grass] ViewLayout
Halifax Oval [grass] ViewLayout
Kings College Gym [hardwood] View
Merv Sullivan Field [grass] ViewLayout
No Game Tonight [grass] View
Saint Maries University(Hardwood) [turf] View
Saint Maries University(Hardwood) [turf] View
Saint Mary's University [turf] ViewLayout
South Common [grass] ViewLayout
St Stephens [grass] ViewLayout
UMMAH MASJID AND COMMUNITY CENTER(Gymnasium Flooring) [turf] ViewLayout
Wanderer's Grounds [grass] ViewLayout
Westmount [grass] ViewLayout


Burnside All-Weather [turf] ViewLayout
Dartmouth High School [hardwood] View
Dartmouth Sportsplex(Hardwood flooring) [turf] View
Don Bayer [grass] ViewLayout
Newbridge [turf] ViewLayout
Vball NS [sand] ViewLayout


Graves Oakley [grass] ViewLayout
JL Ilsley [grass] ViewLayout
Rockingstone Heights [grass] ViewLayout

Bedford/Larry Uteck

CP Allen All-Weather [turf] ViewLayout
CP Allen Community Centre [hardwood] ViewLayout
Ecole Secondaire du Sommet [grass] ViewLayout
Rockingham School [Hardwood] [turf] View

Clayton Park

BMO Soccer Centre [turf] ViewLayout
BMO Soccer Centre - 4v4 [turf] ViewLayout
BMO Soccer Centre - 5v5 [turf] ViewLayout
Canada Games Centre [turf] ViewLayout
Halifax West High School [hardwood] ViewLayout
Mainland Common [turf] ViewLayout
Mount St. Vincent University [hardwood] ViewLayout
Park West [grass] ViewLayout


Chebucto Heights School [hardwood] View
Cowie Hill [grass] ViewLayout
Ravenscraig [grass] ViewLayout
Stanley Park [grass] ViewLayout