Captaining a Team

So you are captaining a team (or thinking about it). First, thank you for captaining! Captains are critical to leagues running smoothly and to the experience and development of players. Below are a few notes about the role of captain and some resources that you may find useful.

Attendance and Subs

As captain, you are responsible for ensuring you have enough players for each game. The website has a tracking feature that will automatically prompt your team to update their attendance. You can edit the settings to have this email come out 1-3 days in advance or not at all. If it looks like some of your regular players are not able to make it, you may want to invite subs to play.

In team leagues, subs are required to be on your roster (as substitute players) in order to play. In draft leagues, there are no subs on the rosters. You can ask a friend or look on the free agent list. We encourage you to choose subs that are at a similar experience/skill level to the player they are replacing, but we understand that this is not always possible. If the sub is at a much higher level than the player that they are replacing, captains are encouraged to negotiate a point advantage to even out the game.

All subs must have current HU memberships in order to play.

Submitting Scores and Spirit Scores

After each game, captains must submit scores and spirit scores for the game. A reminder email will prompt you if a day has passed or if the other team has submitted the score. If you do not submit/verify the score within 3 days, your team will receive a penalty in spirit points.

Rating the spirit of the game is just as important as reporting the score. Here is resource to guide spirit scores. A good rule of thumb is that a normal, fun game with nothing outside the ordinary (negative or positive) would result in a 2 in each category.

Here are the categories we use as provided by the World Flying Disc Federation.

Nominate spirit MVPs and all stars

The website will also prompt you to select spirit MVPs and All Stars from the game. This is not required, but we encourage you to fill this section out. These votes will be used to select winners at our annual Winter Gala. A great way to do this is ask your team at the end of the game if they have any nominations for spirit MVP or all stars.

Reporting Incidents

The score submission page also has a field for captains to report incidents. Incidents to report include: poor field/facility conditions, interactions with facility or city staff, dangerous or unspirited play, and injuries. Please include enough detail for the league coordinator to do any necessary follow up.

Using the Website to Manage Your Team

Resources for Strategy and Teaching

As captain, you may be interested in helping your team improve, individually and as a unit. Below are some links to help resources for skills and strategy.


Knowledge of the rules is a big part of being successful in ultimate.  Take a look at our rules pages: