Indoor Rules

General Indoor Rules


During play, if the disc hits any obstruction (hanging object, curtain, wall, ceiling, etc), a turnover occurs and the disc is to be put back into play at the spot closest to where the obstruction was hit.


Game Length # Timeouts Timeout Length
50/55 minutes 1 / game 1.5 minutes
85 minutes 1 / half 2 minutes

Any timeouts called in the final 5 minutes of a game, or when the team doesn’t have any remaining timeouts, are treated as uncontested offensive fouls (i.e. stall count reached plus one, to a maximum of 9).

Half Time

Game Length Half Time Length Taken When?
50/55 minutes 2.5 minutes After the first point is scored past the halfway mark of the game’s time slot
85 minutes 5 minutes

Point Cap

Games have no point cap.

Game End

Games end when time runs out. A disc is considered dead as soon as the game ends, regardless of the state of the disc.

Continuous play

After a point is scored, a player should raise the disc in the air to indicate that a point was scored. They should then drop the disc in place immediately. The opposing team can then pick it up and either:

  1. Take the disc to the front of the endzone, in line with where the point was scored, tap it in, and begin play.
  2. Take the disc to the centre front of the endzone, tap it in, and begin play.

Player substitution

Players are allowed to sub on the fly, meaning they can tag a teammate on the sideline to sub in during game play. A physical tag MUST be made for a player substitution. A sub made without a tag, or further than 2.5 m from the center line, or too many players on the court, is a 1 point penalty (the other team is awarded 1 extra point) if the violation is uncontested. If the violation is contested, play will resume after both teams indicate their readiness to continue. Only a player on the court can call this violation. A cone will be placed 2.5m on each side of the center line to mark the substitution area.

Too many players on the court/field

See “Player substitution” rule above.


When a team scores, the receiving player acknowledges that he/she has scored a goal and the disc is immediately placed on the ground. Players on both teams can then sub on/off. The offensive team has 20 seconds to set up and defense has an additional 10 seconds (30 seconds total between points). The offensive team has the choice to play the disc where it lies or walk the disc up to the front of the goal line, straight ahead from where the disc was scored. Once offense and defense are set, offense may put the disc into play by tapping it on the ground or by offering and receiving a tap from a defensive player.