2019 Winter Leagues

Winter league registrations has NOW OPENED ! 


- Monday Indoor's 4v4 Women's - Draft League Registration is NOW OPEN !

- Sunday Indoor's 4v4 Men's - Draft League  Registration is NOW OPEN !

- Tuesday 6v6 - Team Entry Registration is NOW OPEN !

If you want to play in a team entry league but don't have a team, put your name out there for a team to find you, put your info on our Winter 2019 Free Agent List.



2019 Winter leagues to come! 

-Parity League ! 



Stay tuned for more anouncements


*All* players must have a league membership before being able to join a team or play in any games. There are 3 memberhsip options:

1. Adult membership: This is our standard adult membership for those that have played with us before. 

2. Intro Adult membership: For those who are playing with us for the first time. Come find out why so many people love us! This membership is good for 1 full fiscal year (May 1 - April 30th)

3. JR membership (age 16-18):  We welcome players aged 16-18 to register for a free JR membership.


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