Somehow, it is almost the end of 2022! As our fall leagues wrap up, Halifax Ultimate is starting to plan our Winter 2023 offerings. Next season we will be offering four great leagues:

-Women’s League: Mondays, CGC, 8-10 pm, 4v4, on court (individual entry only)

-Men’s League: Mondays, CGC< 8-10 pm, 4v4, on court (individual entry only)

-Team Entry Tuesdays: BMO, 9-10 pm, 6v6, on turf (team entry only)

-Parity* League: Saturdays, BMO, 3-4 pm, 4v4, on turf (individual entry only)

**Parity is a unique offering where player stats (goals, assists, blocks, drops, and throwaways) are kept every game and salaries are assigned based on performance. Each week, captains must stay below a pre-determined salary cap by trading players with other teams. This means you may play on more than one team during a season! A great chance to meet and play with new people!

Exact registration dates and times will be announced in the coming days. Check back on our website and social media sites for details!