Title of Job: Halifax Ultimate League Co-ordinator
Position Description: The League Co-ordinator is responsible for making sure that the day-to-day operations of Halifax Ultimate (HU) run smoothly. This position requires frequent interaction with the Halifax Ultimate Board of Directors, volunteers and partners.
Halifax Ultimate Vision: To make quality & spirited Ultimate available in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Reporting Structure:This position reports to the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors
Areas of Responsibility:
● League Management
○ Set up leagues & registration on website
○ Coordinate the formation of draft teams (when applicable)
○ Calculate league costs and propose financial plan to the Board for review.
○ Coordinate procurement of league merchandise
○ Oversee league scheduling and/ or work with league convenors, if applicable
○ Coordinate and attend league playoffs
○ Run captain meetings, as required
○ Organize all league documentation in Google Docs
● Facility Management
○ Secure fields/ courts for leagues, tournaments, and practices, if applicable
○ Maintain relationships with key facilities, and seek new venues as needed
○ Maintain records of all bookings in Google Documents
○ Coordinate timely payment of facility invoices with HU Treasurer
● Partnership Management
○ Seek out new partnership opportunities
○ Maintain existing partnerships
○ Coordinate any group purchases
● Communication
○ Handle general league email account and social media accounts
○ Facilitate league communications to members
○ Maintain static HU website
○ Report back league happenings to the HU Board of Directors
○ Attend HU Board of Director meetings, as requested
● Enthusiastic, organized and responsible
● Experience doing project management and coordination is essential
● Knowledgeable regarding the sport of Ultimate
● Previous experience with word processing and spreadsheets (Microsoft Office and Google Documents) is required
● Previous experience in sports co-ordination would be an asset (organizing tournaments, leagues, etc.)
● Previous experience in budgeting would be an asset
Work Environment:
● Must provide own office space and equipment (computer, phone)
● Must have access to a motorized vehicle
● Part-time, ~10 hours/week commitment (will vary based on time of year)
Compensation Range:
● This position is paid monthly (on the 15th of each month).
● Negotiated