About Us

Halifax Ultimate is a registered not-for-profit that runs with the goal of providing affordable and fun Ultimate for the residents of HRM. We offer one of the lowest cost organized sports in Halifax.

We play all year-round at various fields, fieldhouses, and all-weather turf facilities in both Halifax and Dartmouth.

Our Vision

To make quality & spirited Ultimate available in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Our Mission

Halifax Ultimate’s mission is divided into five priorities:
Halifax Ultimate recognizes sportsmanship, fair play and rule knowledge are integral to providing quality ultimate. Halifax Ultimate also recognizes the importance of fun and being social.
Diversity of Offerings 
Halifax Ultimate will strive to offer a variety of playing and non-playing opportunities for all age groups and skills levels.  
Halifax Ultimate will deliver learning opportunities for members of any skill level to get better. 
League offerings will focus on inclusiveness allowing members opportunities to play several times per week year round.
Sustainable Capacity
Halifax Ultimate will work with stakeholders to meet the playing & practice needs of its membership.  
Halifax Ultimate will also focus on activities to raise the profile of the organization.
Member Satisfaction
Halifax Ultimate wants to ensure its members (and potential members) are satisfied with its offerings.  Halifax Ultimate wants to offer members opportunities to play at ‘their’ skill level.  This includes activities that are transparent, inclusive, ethical and fair. 
Halifax Ultimate recognizes that having an engaged group of volunteers is the key to its future success. 

Board & Staff

Meggie MacMichael - Chair 

Meggie MacMichael started playing Ultimate in 2009 at Mount Allison University. Having never heard of Ultimate before that, she can’t remember what made her go to that first practice but she is so glad that she did!  Since joining HU in 2013, Meggie has played and captained in draft and team-entry HU leagues year-round. For the past three years, Meggie has been playing with the local competitive women’s team, Salty. When not playing or training for Ultimate, Meggie works for Nova Scotia Environment and enjoys hiking. 
This is Meggie’s first year on the board and in addition to being Chair, is on the league committee and is the board’s liaison to Disc NS. Reach out to the board (via Meggie) by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sean Harrison - Vice Chair

Sean started playing Ultimate in 2008 at the University of New Brunswick and joined HU in 2011. Back then Sean’s main Ultimate strategy was to throw a flick as far as possible and hope for the best… and since then not too much has changed! He has recently started captaining league teams and is excited to give back to the Halifax Ultimate Community. Along with being the Vice Chair, Sean will be involved in the Field, League, and Touring Team committees. Outside of Ultimate you can find Sean playing tennis around Halifax or blaring rap music (RTJ) as loud as possible.


Andrew Johnston - Treasurer

Andrew was introduced to the sport of Ultimate in the 9th grade in the Moncton winter indoor league. After taking a 4 year hiatus, his university roommate Malcolm Elliot helped him find his passion for the sport with the Mount Allison club team. Since then, he has learned to throw a flick and has been cut from Team Canada’s U24 team and he’s not bitter about it at all.
In his spare time outside of the ultimate world, Andrew is studying to obtain a CPA designation with Ernst & Young, so you can have some trust that he is at least trying to know what he is doing with your membership dues and league fees. If you want to reach out to him about anything at all it is best to contact him at his personal email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Garrett Jung - Secretary

Garrett began playing Ultimate 6 years ago with the Dalhousie/Kings Ultimate Team (DKUT). Since then, he has become obsessed with the sport and has gotten involved every chance he’s got. He loves the community and meeting new people, so please introduce yourself to him on the sidelines. If you want to reach out to him for anything at all, please contact him at his personal email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Erica Barber - Board Member

Erica started playing ultimate at StFX University in 2011, and joined the Halifax Ultimate community in 2013. She enjoys playing in rec league throughout the year, and also plays on Salty, Halifax's women's touring team, during the summer. Erica works as a building automation technician, and enjoys quilting in her spare time.


Gavin Gray - Board Member

Gavin began his Ultimate Frisbee career in 2007 playing in Halifax Ultimate's Sunday league.  From that first summer league up until now, Ultimate has become his passion.  During that time he has been heavily involved in Ultimate on and off the field at the local, Provincial and National level: serving on the HU Board from 2008-2012, Atlantic Rep for the Ultimate Canada Board 2009-2011, TD of numerous tournaments, volunteering for Disc NS and HU, and captaining local league and touring teams. 
Currently he is a board member of the Halifax Ultimate, "Male Representative" on the Ultimate Canada Competition Committee, and captain of the local mixed touring team Anchor who won gold at the Canadian Ultimate Championships Mixed Division in 2017. 


Catherine MacPhail - Board Member

Catherine has been playing ultimate for a number of years first in Fredericton, then Toronto and now here in Halifax. She is also currently one of the captains of Salty. She's from Charlottetown but came to Halifax for work building prosthetic limbs and is really enjoying it. 


Tyler Smith - League Administrator

Tyler started playing ultimate in Fredericton around 2007 and then moved to Halifax in 2010 when he decided it was time to learn how to throw a flick. He has had the opportunity to compete at several Canadian Nationals and also with Team Canada Mixed at the World Championships of Beach Ultimate in Dubai in 2015 and France in 2017.  When he's not attempting to fulfill your roster and schedule requests, he spends most of his time co-captaining Anchor, Halifax's mixed touring team.