Halifax Ultimate

Halifax Ultimate is the only not-for-profit Ultimate league in Nova Scotia's capital city. We exist to provide the best quality and most spirited Ultimate in the greater Halifax area. We strive to provide a diverse array of offerings all-year round in order to provide Ultimate options to players of all skill levels, from beginners to world-championship level players.

C4P 2016

Halifax Ultimate's annual co-ed 4v4 indoor tourney is coming up on Nov 4th-6th! 

  • Cost: $400
  • Bids required: **No**
  • Awesome: Yes
  • Prizes: So many prizes,
  • ​Pools: Power (Seeds 1-8, 9-17, 18-24)
  • On-site Physio/taping: Accel Physiotherapy
  • Games: 1 Friday, 3 Saturday, 3 Sunday
  • Times: Fri (6-10), Sat (8-8), Sun (8-6)

Registration opens on October 8th at 11am and is first come (register), first serve.

All registration/scheduling/roster'ing/scoring will be done via the HU site.

Need to find a team? Check out the Free Agent List

Summer 2016 (pt 2)

Some quick notes about Summer 2016:

  • Need a summer team?

    Summer league is now a full weeks underway. If you're looking for a team to play with, please add your information to the Summer 2016 Free Agent List. Captains know to look there to find players.
  • Wednesday Men's league.

    We're adding a new Wednesday night Men's league, with all games happening downtown at the Wanderer's Grounds. This league will be run by RC Ultimate. There is a max of 4 teams of 14, so the first 56 to register.

    Registration opens on June 22nd @ 6pm. Click here for the registration page. The league is set to start July 13th, but that date may change to earlier or later, depending on when the city makes the field available to us.

    Each team will be assigned an experienced non-playing coach to help them with skills development and strategy. This is a great opportunity to try a new style of Ultimate, while also having someone available to help players out!

    Inevitably, and understandly, some will iikely wonder why we're adding a Men's league, but not a Women's league (It is 2016 after all!). The reasons are:
    • At this point in the current season, we have a significant demand from men (more than 30) looking for teams, and we currently have nowhere for them to play as all of the draft teams are full.
    • We have a tiny bit of great field space on Wednesday nights available to us, and this is an ideal fit.
  • Field Conditions

    If you see any problems with any of the fields you are playing on, please let the city know of the issues via the 311 service:

Summer 2016

This summer, we plan to run leagues on multiple nights per week!

  • If you've got a team already, then just have one person register your team. That person can then invite all the other people to join the team.
  • If you don't have a team to join, don't fret! We've got 2 options to help you find a team:
  1. Register with one of the "draft" options. Draft registration means that people can register as an individual, and as long as enough others do the same (min 7 women and 9 men), we'll create a new team and put everyone on it! If we can't get you on a team, you'll get a full refund. First come, first serve!
  2. If you'd rather put your name out there for a team to find you, put your info on our Summer 2016 Free Agent List.

*All* players must have a league membership before being able to join a team or play in any games. There are 3 memberhsip options:

1. Adult membership: This is our standard adult membership for those that have played with us before. 

2. Intro Adult membership: For those who are playing with us for the first time. Come find out why so many people love us! This membership is good for 1 full fiscal year (May 1 - April 30th)

3. JR membership (age 16-18):  We welcome players aged 16-18 to register for a free JR membership.

Day/Name Dates Earliest
Start Time
Surface Team Cost Draft Player Cost Registration & full information
7v7 Co-ed
May 31 -
Sept 13
6:15 Grass/Turf $750 $49

1. Team Entry

2. Competitive Draft

3. Recreation Draft

7v7 Co-ed
June 2nd-
Sept 8th
6:15 Grass/Turf $750 $49

1. Team Entry

2. Draft

7v7 Co-ed
May 29th-
Sept 4th
4:00 Grass $750 $49

1. Team Entry

2. Draft

Note: Summer league playoffs will happen on these dates:

  • Tuesday league:  Aug 30th, Sept 6th, Sept 13th during regular league game slots
  • Thursday league: Saturday Sept 10th
  • Sunday league: Sunday Sept 11th

Free Introductory Membership (2016-2017)!

Due to feedback from some helpful people, we've decided that we should make it easier and freer for people to give Halifax Ultimate a try. To help get more people into our game , we're now offering a free adult membership . Please note that players will still have to pay for their player/team fees.

As always, players under 19 years of age are eligible for a JR's membership, which is always free and good for a whole fiscal year (May-April).

Remember, Halifax Ultimate is the only not-for-profit Ultimate league in HRM, offering the best priced Ultimate around AND an automated scheduling system to greatly help in making evenly-matched games and reduce blowouts! Give us a try! You'll love it.