Inclusion Policy
Ultimate frisbee is a uniquely positioned sport in that players of any gender, age, race, culture, place of origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression can enjoy and play the sport together.

However, we recognize that many people do not feel welcome in organized sports and may be excluded from them. Halifax Ultimate is striving to provide opportunities for play, programming, and facilities where everyone feels welcome, respected, comfortable, safe, and included. 

Women in Ultimate
Halifax Ultimate recognizes that women can get the disc less frequently than men, may be less likely to play handler, and captain less often. We strive to offer opportunities for women to improve their skills, knowledge, and leadership opportunities.

Transgender and Non-Binary
Players are given the option to identify the gender they are comfortable matching against, as opposed to their gender identity. This solution allows us to recognize and welcome players who do not identify as one of the two binary genders, while also allowing the matching process during games to be manageable.

We invite players to participate in the gender with which they feel most comfortable and safe. Should the gender you wish to match against change at any time you are able to update your status online through your player profile.

Disclosure of trans status is not a requirement of participation and does not need to be identified to register or participate.

In addition to our commitment to gender inclusivity, we are also committed to creating an environment where all 2SLGBTQIA+ players feel welcome.

Any communication to Halifax Ultimate regarding any of the policies/information listed on this page will remain confidential to the extent requested by the participant and/or their family.

On-going commitment
This is a living document and the Halifax Ultimate board is making a commitment to review these policies annually and on an as-needed basis. If you have suggestions for how we can work towards creating a more inclusive environment for all we encourage and welcome everyone to please contact us.

Halifax Ultimate has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. To report an incident of any kind please email